Why 1+1 = more than 2

Traditional business models since the beginning of times have built their presence at fixed locations accessible for customers. The role of these outlets, built preferably at high traffic locations, was to generate awareness and recognition and eventually a brand. Every single business had (and still has more or less) a brick and mortar establishment, where the business is represented along with some activities, whether this activity is purely physical or not.

This model was jeopardized by the malls somewhat which not only shifted the location of the traffic, but opened up opportunities of new businesses. Like mall construction and operations, parking garage, car wash in the parking, and perks which made life easier for the individual businesses as part of the big whole, like collective marketing activities with bigger reach and less cost on a single business, entertainment and food courts which generated more traffic, added value services and supply chain connections, easier logistics etc. From many angle it is a positive change. And this is how joining forces with other businesses means always a bigger win than alone.

1+1 is often more than 2. Why are we telling you this?

Perhaps you already know all this. The reason why it is important to pay attention here is, that history repeats itself.

After the digital revolution and the pandemic it’s become a new norm to do everything we can digitally, preferably on our mobile phones. Millions of mobile applications of all kinds of businesses popped up and grew in the digital space like mushroom after rain.

So now we know how to create outlets on app stores, just like everybody else. What we need to master now is how to stand out and provide better experience and service there than others to commercialize our digital existence. This is where e-malls, aggregated platforms, marketplaces etc. come to play. We need the better location now in the digital space. The one-stop-shop where users are willing to return to get their daily needs.

Users can find all categories of their daily life necessities, get easy access to financial services and they may get rewarded as well besides the reward of getting everything done in one go.

Merchants can operate on a better budget, experience higher traffic and loyalty on a common platform than building up one and continuously develop and market that on their own. The platform operator can provide all the technology to many at the same place and enable continuous deployment and utilization of the newest tech solutions on a better scale.

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