Why digital transformations fail

Today we are living in the age of Social Revolution. In the post Covid era, after Digital Revolution and life in social distancing, customer behaviour changed forever and shifted lifestyle to mobile and remote channels. The migration of customers to digital channels, which businesses spent hundreds of millions of dollars of marketing budget on, Covid has done in a few weeks. Did it work well for customers and businesses? Some things yes, but more things no.

Digitalization of existing products and traditional businesses is not going to be enough to keep up with the customer demand on the best in class end2end digital, one-stop-shop experience.

Also it will not worth the effort and tech investment in the classic «I have to have my own mobile app because everybody has one» way. Customers will not come there just because you have an app and you are advertising it.

Businesses cannot remain isolated from the customers in their stand alone mobile applications or website or even branches and outlets. Do you remember when mega malls were created in the early years. Small «shops around the corner» and later even the bigger ones shut down one after another, because people found everything in the malls and didn’t go to the shops scattered around in the neighborhood.

This is the time of super apps. But how can an app be super and how will you get there?

Yeah, let’s say, you have got the example of the mall story here, but is this the same now?

Just because you stuff a mobile app or even a website full of all kinds of random products and services and try to push users to get everything you wanna sell through this one application, it is still not a guarantee that they would do so. Today usage and retention rate of a mobile app can fall down to zero after just one bad experience.

People are not loyal any more, they are more conscious about their other best options and those best options are the combination of many things, not just price, quality and other usual product or service parameters…

So what can you do to build your digital business and grow to be successful?

Our world class experts can show you the way what fits your business and even more. We are not just mumbling about digital and drafting copy pasted best practices model. We pave the way and we can also deliver it. Not kidding. No more hassle to see the right vision, no more struggle of agile adoption which anyway maximum you can drive till «wagile». We are not just chanting buzz words. We are getting it done!

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